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  • Amber Buyer's Guide

 This book was written to provide solutions to difficulties we have, over the last 20 years that we had been in the amber business, seen Amber buyers have.

Some of those problems:

Not getting exactly what they want.

Not sure of what they are getting.

 Overpaying for cheap imitations.

Getting the wrong thing because of bad or misleading information.

Being out right defrauded


This book covers all the topics and much, much more.

It gives you straightforward advice and guidance so you can avoid disappointment and loss of your hard earned money.

Just like an insurance policy, this low-cost book can save you a lot more in time and money.

Buy it now and be safe

Here is a partial list of information covered.

What Is Baltic Amber - Copal - Baltic Amber Origin - Different Types Of Baltic Amber - Amber Colors - Characteristics Of Baltic Amber - Insect Inclusions - Combating Inclusions Fraud - Natural Amber - Raw Amber And Buying Raw Amber - Natural Baltic Amber - Modified Baltic Amber - Pressed Amber - Improved Amber - Autoclaves - Heated Amber - The Effects Of Heat On Amber - The Effect Of Heat On Medicinal Properties - How Amber Is Processed - Beads - Amber Powder - How To Test Amber - Getting Exactly What You Want - Amber Sellers - Online Sellers - One Off Sellers - Buying In The Aftermarket - Buying In Tourist Areas - How Good Is Your Certificate Of Authenticity

Be Safe. Not Sorry.  The small investment in this book can save you tons of money and never ending frustration.

Learn how to buy safely.  Add it to your cart now.

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Amber Buyer's Guide

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