Just attach a vegetable strainer and a 12 V DC power supply and you will have one of the best static grass applicators to be had.

Makes a more powerful static grass applicator then many much more expensive commercial applicators.

The powerful field generated by this special anion generator especially designed for static grass applicators ensures that on your grass stands strikingly vertical.

No need to go over your static grass with a vacuum cleaner or toothbrush to make it stand up. This unit makes it stand straight up immediately as it hits the glue.

Enables use of easy to handle grass containers that you can use to work in low and tight spaces where you could not work with a conventional static grass applicator.

Fast and easy to assemble. With no soldering required. You can assemble your own inexpensive static grass applicator in about a half hour.

Choose the static grass applicator kit or just static field generator and design your own.

What You Get

The heart of the unit, a static field generator especially designed to be used in a static grass applicator.

The static field will vary with the input voltage. To get a 15 KV field, use a 12 V DC power supply.

Input (V DC) 4 5.8 5.6 7.5 8.6 10.9 11.9 12
Output (-KV) 7.5 8.5 9.5 10.5 11.5 13.5 14.5 15

The switch, and all banana connectors, and solderless connectors that you need.

All that you must supply is a vegetable strainer, a 12 V DC power supply, or lower, some wire and a couple alligator clips.


Complete instructions in text and video format showing you how to make your own static grass applicator with just the kit or just the static field generator.

Continuing video tutorials that show you tips and tricks and techniques for using static grass.

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A Static Grass Applicator - Grass King - Do It Yourelf Kit

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