Includes two ravioli recipe cookbooks.

Best ravioli maker design if you don't have a pasta machine.

Self adjusting for perfect ravioli every time..

Ravioli Form Is dishwasher, scratch, counter-top, and glass safe..

Great Ravioli Maker for making traditional and toasted ravioli too .

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Everything that you need to make perfect ravioli like an expert every time.

This ravioli maker makes preparation of ravioli fast and easy. You can make 49 ravioli's at a time. .

And you can make them as fast as you can add the filling to the pockets, cover them and roll with a rolling pin..

It is so easy to use that even the kids can do it..

It is especially designed for people who do not use a pasta machine to roll the dough. When you roll the dough with a rolling pin it is normally somewhat round. This ravioli maker is sized so that you can easily use that rolled dough on the ravioli maker without having a lot of extra work and waste. .

Plus, the open pockets design allows the ravioli dough to stretch to compensate for any extra filling that you are likely to add. Because of this compensation, the filling does not go into the sealing area. That means that your ravioli don’t burst causing the filling to spill out leaving you with empty pasta. .

Included are two recipe books. One takes you through the entire process of making ravioli and give you illustrations and access to videos that show you exactly how to make ravioli many different ways. .

The second book gives a large selection of ravioli fillings and how to make them. .

This ravioli maker is dishwasher safe. Made of strong polystyrene it will not scratch your countertops or break your glassware like aluminum forms will. Being light and flat, you can hang it on a wall or easily store it in a drawer. .

It is square, measuring 10 ¾ inches on each side, stands ¾ inch high and weighs 9.5 ounces..

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Ravioli Maker Plus Two Free Cookbooks

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