Childrens Mind Development

Overcoming The Monster – Exposing Minds To Make The Monster Vanish.

The monster has our youth. It has made them ”watchers” instead of “doers”. It wastes their time while polluting their minds with useless trash. They are under its control.

It must be overcome.

We can do that by exposing minds to the exciting things. If we do that the monster will be put aside because a mind once exposed can never be unexposed.

Exposed minds can be creative. Creative thought fosters creative activity. One transitions from being a spectator to a participant.  Participants in the real world who are more likely to interact with families and engage meaningfully with society.

How We Will Do It.

To reach our youth we must first get their undivided attention.

We will use techniques seen at these real world ways designed to get the attention of youth.

For example, one of the most visited places in Poland is the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw. All exhibits are interactive. They get attention. They use the “wow factor”.

Another was a display by a model train club in a shopping center in Warsaw, Poland. It was so attractive to families that the shopping center paid them to occupy retail store space. And what is their main attraction. Train layouts that children could take turns operating and get a diploma showing they acted as an engineer. The kids loved it.

And other events where kids sit at tables and make block buildings, color, make paper models and so on.

All these are family events.

And most notable, and common to all of these, the monster is gone because the attention of the children is focused on something real.

We will start by showing kids laser cutters and 3-D printers in action.

And brass etching tanks in progress.

That’s motion and activity.

The kids will be given precut projects to assemble – most notably houses, buildings, operating ditties.

There will be small diorama plans to take home. (Tiny Towns)

We will set up a school workshop program

We will work with a foundation that is now showing teachers how to teach their students about 3-D printers.

Benefits Of Our Program

By showing people the new technologies and getting them involved in their use will stimulate thought.

By giving them hands-on exposure to technologies they will see for themselves by applying new ideas that will be imparted to them.

We hope to show the opportunities available to them if they learn life and you some of these technologies and ideas. That should lead to the development of independent expertise in many areas.

This should be a background learning experience. The participants will see that there are many things more to do rather than just playing with an electronic device in the corner of their room.

The Tiny Towns take home package should serve as a starting point for quality family activities.

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