Drop Shipping

If you are going to do business on the internet, you should fully understand drop shipping.

And there is a lot to understand.  It is a lot more than paying someone who will drop ship for you.  In fact, doing that a road to nowhere.

Drop shipping is all about having someone with a warehouse do the packing and shipping for you.

You can own the inventory or they can. The former is the most lucrative, the latter is for testing the market for a product.

For example, you can have Amazon store your inventory for you in one of their warehouses and do all the packing and shipping.  Or you can sell products listed on Amazon (owned by someone else, of course) and have them ship to your customer.

Sell Polish Pottery?  See whatever is on Amazon. Sell Crystal? Do the same. And so on.

There is big money in Amazon to Ebay.  It is easy and no cost.  This is covered fully in  Drop Shipping On A Budget .

That is one way to do it. There are many other ways.

There are too many for us to cover in this page.  And there is so much more that yu should know. So we refer you to a couple good sources of information.

Drop Shipping On A Budget – A concise introduction to drop shipping. You can get online using this.  Highly recommended.

The Drop Ship Guide – There is much more here. It goes much deeper than the book above.  Do consider it strongly.

Drop Ship Directory  -This is THE directory that is on the shelf of professional drop shippers. You can find hundreds of thousands of products that can be drop shipped to your customers.

This directory is expensive.  But it is VERY valuable.  It comes with training material that is unrivaled.

There are many drop ship services out there. Nothing compares to this drop ship directory.  Drop Ship Directory 

Recommendation:  Start with one of the publications above,  (  Drop Shipping On A Budget   or  The Drop Ship Guide  )   see if drop shipping is for you, and then go for the Drop Ship Directory   


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