PolandsBest Pierogi Maker

pierogi form

This Pierogi maker forms and seals perfect pierogi every time.

Making pierogi by hand takes a lot of practice and ruined pierogi before he you can make them correctly. With this form, you can make pierogi like an expert on the first try.

It is so easy to use that even the kids can use it.

You can easily make up to 14 delicious pierogi in a minute with this handy time and labor saving kitchen helper.

Making good pierogi becomes more of a pleasure than a chore so you will likely make them more often.

Also make ravioli, won ton, fried dumplings, mandoo, kreplach, empanadas and any other dumpling that you can imagine.


Some Specifics

Dishwasher safe, non scratch feet, strong polystyrene construction, lifetime guarantee.

First quality, unused, undamaged, brand new in unopened, original packaging.

This tool is sturdy, being made of dishwasher safe, high impact polystyrene. It is 24 cm at the widest and makes up to 14 pierogi at a time. You can also adjust the dough position and conveniently make 6 at a time.

It takes up very little space and is easy to store. You can even hang it on a wall.

The pierogi are traditional sized 7.8 cm on the straight edge and 4.3 at the maximum radius.

It weighs 151 grams.

Made in Poland where it is very popular.

How to use the form

The pictures below show how easy it is to make pierogi using this form.

You cover the form with flour so that the dough does not stick to it.

You then cover the form with a thin layer of pierogi dough

Make some small depressions in the dough and add your filling

Cover the fillling with another thin layer of pierogi dough.

Seal and separate the pierogi using a rolling pin.

Turn it over and pop out your perfectly made pierogi.






Pierogi Made With This Form


Above are a few pictures of pierogi made from dumplings made with this form. Fried, boiled with cream and garnished with bacon.

They show but a few examples of what you can do.

You can buy it at this link.  Pierogi Form

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