Ravioli Maker Reviews

A review of the various type of ravioli makers And how they are used.

Below are pictures of ravioli makers that we will be discussing in this page.

First, what can you do with a ravioli maker? This video shows how convenient one can be.

A few pictures of different kinds of ravioli makers.

Aluminum Ravioli Form
Aluminum Ravioli Form
ravioli form
Ravioli Form
Round Raviloi Form
Round Ravioli Form
Small Ravioli Form
Small Ravioli Form
toasted ravioli form
Toasted Ravioli Form

As basic as it is, they are generally either oblong, square or round. And within each of those shapes the you that have bottoms or have no bottoms.

The oblong ravioli makers are shaped to fit pasta dough that has been rolled out using a pasta machine.

They are somewhat difficult to useIf you are going to roll your pasta dough by hand.

That is because when you roll pasta dough by hand it is more natural to roll it out to a round shape than a oblong shape.

You can still use such a form, but you will have a lot of trimmings. And if you use the trimmings for another roll, they will be tough. So it is best to  use them with a pasta machine.

If you are going to hand roll your dough, your dough will generally be somewhat circular in shape.

Manufacturers of ravioli makers understand this so that is why they make ravioli makers either round or square.

Advantages of these shapes are that you have less waste when you trim around the edges of the ravioli maker.

The next great difference is whether a ravioli maker has a bottom or is bottomless.


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