Where To Buy Watering Balls

You can buy watering balls in many places on the web.

But you should be very careful when buying watering balls. There are some very significant differences between the types of watering balls available.

Some are glass globes with colors painted on the surface. Such watering balls are relatively inexpensive, but the painted surfaces tend to fade and peel off the globe.

Others are colored by fusing the colors into the glass surface of the globe. These specially produced colors become part of the globe. They neither fade nor peel for any off.

The fused colored globes sell at a higher price, but they are lasting quality. Additionally, the fused colors out sparkle and outshine the painted variety.

If you want quality fused glass globes made in the world-famous glass region Krosno Poland, y can buy them on Amazon in the US at this link. PolandsBest Internet Promocja Amazon Store – The mainland US store that ships via FBA.

In Europe you can buy them directly from the manufacturer’s representative at PolandsBest general store.

If you wish to buy them wholesale, contact us.

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