Start An Amber Business

Starting in Amber business can be quite simple. And you can do it without having to buy inventory.

You can, of course by inventory and sell in your own website. You can use sources for wholesale Amber such as the PolandsBest wholesale store that you find at this link.  Wholesale Store

That is a very good approach if you going to stay focused on one particular product such as baby teething necklaces or pendants.

But if you do not wish to have inventory you can sell Amber listed on places like Amazon or natural Baltic Amber. Go there to see what is available.

The process is essentially one of drop shipping. You list the products in your own WordPress or open cart store or even on your Facebook page, sell them there and those companies ship for you.

You are essentially using the drop shipping business form. If you’re not totally familiar with that, we recommend strongly that you read this book. Drop Shipping On A Budget

It is really helpful and you can use it for things more than Amber. Check it out now. Drop Shipping On A Budget

Now to go forward the way we mentioned above, you set yourself up as an affiliate, list the products in your website, WordPress blog, Facebook page and so on and promote that site.

When something sells for you site, you get a percentage of the sales.

You can get complete training material, free, at no risk or obligation, by joining one of the affiliate programs and go through their training materials. We recommends that you start with a natural Baltic Amber affiliate program. Why? First you get a higher percentage of sales than you do with Amazon and second it is our site.

Can we be adding was straightforward than that?

Here is the link to the natural Baltic Amber affiliate site.

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