The static grass applicator that you make with this kit that is specially designed to be used for everything from basic static grass application to upscale scenery work. And it is done with a 12v Dc to 15 Kv DC static field for extraordinary grass pulling power.

Made by a modeler for modelers. And I stand 100% behind it.

Over 1100 (and counting) people have successfully made this kit. (2 have failed - they insisted, in spite of our personal advice, on using some of the components,adding others and doing things their way rather than following the included instruction booklet and video.) Many others have been suprised at how well this thing works.


  • Makes simple fields and lawns, pastures and fields with grass, weeds, bushes and trees, borders along roads and fences, add branches to wire trees, add branches to twigs (to use for trees), make scrub trees, flowers, tufts, weed beds, and turn bland lichen into bushes, plumbers flax into vines, then this kit is for you.

  • Make your own flock box.

  • Easier to use, and it has more capabilities than, the typical applicator with a grass hopper that you have to cap and shake. And it definitely costs MUCH LESS.

  • Quickly change grass in the hopper so you can lay a base of one grass, change grass and add that over the top, and change and add as many times as you wish. And you can control it so you don't have grass flying all over the place. That saves you time and money cleaning up and eliminating wasted grass.

  • The kit is easy to assemble. It takes about a half hour following the illustrated instructions that are included with it.

  • We have well over a thousand people using applicators made from this kit. And, to be sure, most of them do not have any special knowledge of electronics. Some have made errors assembling the kit, but we have straightened that out for every one of them, but two. so we gave them their money back. You too can expect help from us, as much as you want, whether you need it or not, every step of the way.

Strong Points

  • Low Cost - You build a versatile and powerful static grass applicator that outperforms many prebuilt models and at a fraction of the cost.

  • Fast And Easy To Assemble - You can put it together and be ready to go in 30 to 45 minutes using very simple tools.

  • Easy To Use - Lay grass quickly and easily without grass flying all over the places. Make layers without special sprays and work. Grow beautiful grass tufts in place. Add tiny patches to cliffs, sidewalks, building bases and other tight places like magic.

  • Powerful So Your Grass Stands Tall - The -15 kV DC static field that you get makes your grass stand up and stand up tall even if you don't use the best static grass. If you use good static grass, the results are phenomenal.

  • Customize Dispensers And Applicators - Different dispensers get different results. So make your grass dispenser in the form that is best for the grass laying project on which you are working.

  • Power From Any 12vDC Power Supply - All you need is a used wallwart, power pack, your layout power supply or the like.

  • Complete Instructions - The complete illustrated booklet how to make a static grass applicator shows you how to make the basic applicator quickly and easily and shows you very is forms of dispensers that you can use to add your grass in special ways the special places. It is backed up by a video showing the entire assembly process.

  • Free Technical Support - If at any time you have questions or need help contact us. You can contact us now and any time after you buy this kit. We will do everything that we can to help you.


  • Box - Styrene 13 x 13 x 4.3 cm

  • Switch - Chosen to protect you from -15KV DC charge. Solderless connections.

  • Anion Generator - Static Field generated is -6kv DC to -15kv DC. Static field varies with the input voltage. With a 12v DC input, output is a nominal -12 to -15kv DC.

  • Alligator Clip - 1 To make your static grass applicator ground wire.

  • Bannana Clips - 4 sets to connect input and output voltages. Solderless connections.

  • Solderless Connectors - 4 to make the internal connections.

  • Power Requirements - Input: 4v DC to 12v DC

Assembly Note

To assemble and use you will need about 2 meters of 16 to 20 gauge wire, a drill, small wrench, small screwdriver, plyers or crimping tool, 12vDC power supply (wall wart, power pack, 12v DC power bus, etc.)


We ship within two business days to the address listed in your PayPal account.

100% Satisfaction Policy -You are protected by a 100% satisfaction policy. If you don't like the product, send it back, at our expense. We will provide you a full refund.

Buy this now and get our help as well as a static grass applicator that will exceed your expectations.

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StaticGrassKing Static Grass Applicator DIY Kit - 15 KV DC Static Field

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