A Model Of The Passenger Steam Engine Od2

When you build one of these models you build the best!

A well done model depends on accurately drawn parts that fit properly when assembled and details that can distinguish the finished model from common stuff. Look at the pictures to see how well this model turns out. And that is just what you can build.

The excellently done drawings illustrate the construction process down to the finest detail. Following the illustrations, with all parts numbered, is as easy as it comes.

As a display, it's a winner! Scaled at 1 to 25, the model definitely makes itself known. In short it is an eyecatcher and sparks interest even among people not into trains

Why Is It An Excellent Gift?

It's unique. You won't find these plans in your typical hobby shop and not very often online.

It's a high-quality gift. The plans are drawn by a man who lives to model. His reputation is such that his own models sell for thousands of dollars. The plans are the standard of quality.

Modelers are by nature collectors. Modelers have on their shelves, in draws and everywhere else plans of models that they will make some day. They get a great amount of joy in thinking about what they're going to do someday. This plan book is a modeler's dream. And a collection of these books will add to that dream.

It's a multi-useful gift. The plan can be arranged to ake operating brass engines. Or to make 3-D printed models - which also can be made into operating engines.

Modelers always appreciate good plans with good instructions. So buy one of these great plan books now and put a smile on someone's face, maybe even yours.

About The Passenger Steam Engine DesignatedOd2.

After World War I Prussian locomotives became part of the German Railways After the War, 100 locomotives went to Polish Railways designated as series Od2. During World War II the majority of Polish locomotive were taken over by Germany and incorporated into the German railways. After the war they served in Poland until 1958

About The Plans To Build The Od2

You get a book of plans and information, including specifications, about the engine.

The plans offer modelers and collectors the opportunity to build a highly detailed, museum quality, replica of the original locomotive. The model can be made using 1 mm card stock, styrene, or brass. The basic instructions in the book focus on card stock construction. Just substitute the material of your choice.

The resulting model is a highly detailed 1 to 25 scale replica of the original engine.

Here are images of some of the pages in the book. They show the visual instructions, text information and instructions plus some of the pages with cutouts.

Plan Book Details


steam engine od2 - 1 steam engine od2 - 4 steam engine od2 - 3
steam engine od2 - 5 steam engine od2 - 6 .

Od2 Plan Book Detail

Plan book title -

 Number/size of the sheets with parts to cut out: 19 size A3

Number/size of the sheets with instruction drawings: 9 size A3

1 page with photographs of the model

Difficulty level of the model in 1-5 scale: (1-very simple to 5-very complicated)

Computer drawings

Scale 1:25

Length of the model: 700 mm

Author: Jan Ko³odziej

A great gift for you or someone. Buy one now.;


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