• Decorative Deviled Egg Plate

A deviled egg plate for 12 eegs. The center area is a bowl into which you may add dips salads or other decorative touches.

Deviled egg plate with salad

This is the one of the larger versions of four deviled egg platters that we offer. It is a decorative, bright and clear colored, multipurpose plate that can be used for deviled eggs and more.

It is 11.5 inches in diameter, the center dish is about 1/2 deep and 6 inches in diameter. It is about 1 1/4 inches high.

It is more than just a deviled egg platter. You can place 12 deviled eggs around the edge. In the center there is a convenient depressed area in which you can add whatever you wish. If you wish a party platter, you can add your salads, olives, cheeses and crisps or whatever.

It is very strong, flexible, and unbreakable.

This is great for game time chips and hors d'oeuvres. Add them in  the center and surround them with chips and crisps or other finger foods.

It makes a very attractive salad tray that you can use to make some unique and versatile salad presentations.

And for the holidays, it has many uses.

It is a very popular platter among the Russian people who add the traditional Easter cake Kulich at the center. This platter with the cake is taken to the church for the Easter blessing.

In Poland, over the Easter holidays, Polish people add decorated eggs, wooden eggs, kielbasa, rzerzucha, holiday cakes, cheese desserts such as pascha.

For the Christmas table, fill the center with a collection of Christmas ornaments.

deviled egg plate Deviled Egg Plate Green
Violet Egg Tray Deviled Egg Plate Red Smokey Deviled Egg Plate
Deviled Egg Plate Golden    

Watch the video to see how to make deviled eggs.  

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Decorative Deviled Egg Plate

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