Let's make two of the world's most popular foods together.

Save money with this unique dumpling combo.

Make two of the most popular foods in the world. The easy way!

So fast and easy to use that even the kids can do it.

Make perfect pierogi and ravioli every time. Just the way the experts do.

Bonus- Four great booklets with recipes for ravioli, pierogi, and fillings for each.

First, the bonus booklets show you how to do it.

Then you get the tools to make perfect ravioli and pierogi every time.

And then we teach you how to use those tools.

Now here are some details.

Save money with this unique dumpling combo.

 You get one of the very popular PierogiKing ravioli makers plus a unique RavioliKing ravioli maker.

And along with them come four booklets. They are; 1) "Let's Make Pierogi Together",  2) "All About Pierogi Fillings,  3) "Let's Make Ravioli Together" and 4) "All About Ravioli Fillings.

By buying this combination. you get a discount from what it would be were you to buy each individually. Plus you save on shipping. So, it is a good deal all around.

The books give you recipes, tips, tricks, techniques and access to videos that show you how to best make these world-famous dumplings. They show you how to make the dumplings by hand as well as by using time-saving kitchen tools.

And you get access to videos showing you the process in detail.

The forms themselves are specially designed to help you make perfect ravioli and pierogi every time. And they are designed to help you avoid the biggest problem that dumpling makers have. And that problem is the the dumplings bursting open and the filling running out when you boil the dumpling.

It runs out when a minuscule amount of filling gets into the sealing area.

This doesn't happen with these perogi and ravioli makers. Thesy are designed with a unique open bottom that allows the lower layer of the dough to self adjust to the amount of filling that you add to the dumpling. It does not get squeezed into the sealing area.

 This is an extremely important feature. You will really come to appreciate this one. You see what it is like to have your hard work destroyed by a small amount of filling that managed to get into the sealing area.

Frankly speaking, the booklets and the open bottom feature that adjusts to the amount of filling that you add are perhaps the two things that you will enjoy about this package. The ease of use, the amount of time you save, the ability to have the kids help you and make it a family event, almost become secondary to being sure that you make perfect ravioli, quickly, every time.

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Ravioli Pierogi Maker Combo- One Each Of A Ravioli Maker And A Pierogi Maker

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