• Ravioli Maker Red

Ravioli Form For Russian Types Of Ravioli.

An unused ravioli form we bought a part of doing our market research by checking competitive products. We could sell it as new, but we did take it out of the package.

A good product but we just want to get it out of inventory. So it is priced right.

And with it you get a free copy of the booklet “Let’s Make Ravioli Together”.  This 25 page illustrated booklet takes you step by step through the process of properly making the pasta and then filling the ravioli so you get expert results.  This booklet also shows you how to avoid the mistakes that ruin perfectly good pasta and ravioli. You can buy the book elsewhere but with this form it comes free.

This form features beneficial bottomless shaping holes that self-adjust for filling errors so that you get a perfect seal every time. Forms with closed bottoms leave no margin for error.

 If you add a little extra filling, it ends up in the sealing area and the ravioli will spill out the filling when you boil them.  This is explained fully in the book “Let’s Make Ravioli Together”.

Ravioli lovers will enjoy the convenience of using a handy kitchen tool that makes up to 37 homemade, tasty raviolis at once.

And you know what is in the filling.  Commercial fillings may be nice, but can you always be sure what is in them? When you make your own, you know for sure.

Being light and flat you can store it in a drawer or hang is on a wall.   With no sharp edges it is kid and counter safe.

It won’t scratch your counter top or break your glass when you store it. With this handy tool you can make large numbers of ravioli in a short time – for the freezer are large gathering of guests.

It is round with a diameter of 25 cm ( 9.8 inches  ) , height 1.5 cm  ( .6 inch ), weight 173 grams ( 6 ounces ).  There are 37, 3.5 cm  ( 1.4 inch ) diameter hexagonal cutting edges with 2.5 cm ( 1 inch  )  round holes for the filling.

Do something different. Have a ravioli party.: Invite some people over to make ravioli. Let the kids get involved. Make many kinds of ravioli and make enough for people to take home.

Remember, make your own and know what you are eating.  Follow the tasty filling recipes that come free with this form.  The price is discounted.  Buy it now.


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Ravioli Maker Red

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