• European legend says that these globes attract fairies. Makes your plants a fairyland.

  • Fairyland watering balls are functional household items that are somewhat like potato chips. Once you have one you will probably come back for more.

  • Easy to use so that you can keep your plants watered up to two weeks while you are away.

  • Handblown and hand decorated with long lasting colorful glass fused to a colored, automatic water dispenser.

  • Use indoors and outdoors to add life and color to green areas.

The brightly colored globe is an original product of Europe that has a history based on mysticism. It was, and still is in many quarters, believed that these globes attract good spirits and good fairies who come to gaze on the beauty of the globe. And to make a home more attractive to these spirits, the globes are placed in flower gardens so that the spirits can enjoy the flowers as well as the globe.

Watering balls are special colored glass globes that self water plants over an extended period of time.Watering balls are designed to slowly release water to drying soil.

Hand made by world famous glass artists in Poland where glass artistry is a hereditary profession.

These globes come directly from the manufacturer in Poland. They are handblown and hand colored.

First a colored glow is handblown. Then it is rolled in a tray of special colored glass and heated again to fuse all the glass together as one piece. Every globe is different. You are getting a first quality unique piece of art.

Because the colored glass pellets attach themselves randomly to the hot ball, the color patterns that result are in themselves random in nature. So when you order globes you must expect a rainbow of colors.

Other Things You Can Do With Watering Balls. Decorative as well as functional.

To use a watering ball:

1. Create a channel in the soil by placing the stem of the entry watering ball into the soil at a slight angle.

2. Remove the watering ball from the soil and clear any soil from the stem of the watering ball.

3. Fill the watering ball to two thirds was water and placed in a previously created channel.

4. Refill as necessary.

Add color to ponds, in gardens, patios, planters.

Make colorful table centerpieces.

Use to keep water in your bird fountain.


The watering ball is hand blown and hand decorated without using a form. the dimensions will vary slightly from ball to ball.

Ball Diameter - Approximately 9 cm. Filling Tube Length - Approximately 25 cm. Weight - Approximately 130 g. Weight In Box - Approximately 236 g. Tube Outside Diameter At Base - Approximately 1 cm. Glass Thickness - Approximately 1.9 mm

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