Start A Polish Pottery Business

There are many ways to make money selling Polish Pottery.  The method that you use depends upon many things, with your personal preferences being the most important.

I will discuss the effect of your personal preferences on your choice of business format later in this page.

First, let us look at some of the ways you can approach selling.

Importer/Distribution Warehouse – this is generally a company that imports product by the container load directly from the factory and has large amounts of pottery on hand in a warehouse.

Pottery Outlet – a smaller distributor who sells wholesale and retail.

Kiosk Seller – any business with a temporary sales point such as kiosk at a mall, a booth at a fair, or a table at an outdoor event and so on.

Off-line Retailer – this can include a dedicated pottery shop, a gift shop, a service facility such as a restaurant that offers gifts to its customers, and any other business that wishes to offer Polish pottery in relatively small amounts on a retail basis.

Procurement Service – one who does not maintain an inventory but takes orders from various retailers, aggregates those orders into a container load quantity, and then distributes them through a shipping company that will break the loads down and transship to a variety of locations.

Auction Site Sales – the use of auction sites such as eBay to make a profit or to build a customer list.

Yahoo Store – an e-commerce store specifically created for inclusion in the yahoo shopping network.

Online Store – an e-commerce store that is not included in the yahoo shopping network.

Affiliate Sales – selling as an affiliate to an online store – such as amazon.

Drop Shipping – You either drop ship for retailers or have a retailer drop ship for you.


There are other variants, but those listed are enough to get you started with your research.

Now your personal preferences will immediately filter out some of the business models mentioned.

For example, you may not want to invest in inventory, you may not want to set up your own online store, your family situation may limit what you can do, and so on.

Here must be inserted a big BUT!

Before you do anything at  all, research each and every business model – thoroughly.

Why?  Even if you do not choose a particular business model, it will give you background information that can help you survive.

More than 90% of all businesses fail within the first year.  You do not want to be in that 90% category. Stay out of it by doing your homework and planning.

Here are some first step recommendations.

Every business needs a website. Use WordPress.  It is free, flexible, easy to use, etc.  Use wordpress with the Woo Ecommerce Plugin to set up your own store.  Look at this example.

Before you jump into drop shipping, do your homework. There are many traps and many people get burned..  You can read a simple book about it here. Drop Shipping On A Budget

We also have a complete study and startup guide along with Polish Pottery Catalogs here.  Polish Pottery Business Package

Below is a video description of them.


Please note that we are encouraging you to look.  You are advised to be cautious. Starting a business can be rewarding, but for most people it is a money loser.

Before you start your business, read, read, and read some more.

We will be posting more on business startups at

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