Weight Based Shipping

What is weight based shipping and how does it work?

Whether an online store uses weight based shipping  or fixed price shipping can make a big difference in the end cost of products that you buy.postabe-rates

So it is best that you understand what a store says about fixed price shipping and weight based shipping.

Fixed price shipping means that the shipping cost for an item is fixed.  If you order two of a fixed price shipping item, you pay two shipping costs.

Now look at the image above.  Note that the post office calculates the shipping cost based on weight – not the number of items.

When you shop at an online store that uses weight based shipping, the total weight of your order is calculated and then the shipping cost charged is based on the weight.

For example, if a single item costs $10 to ship, under fixed price shipping, you would pay $30 shipping if you ordered three.  Under weight based shipping, you may pay only $10 if you ordered three.

In any case, check your shipping costs prior to confirming your order.



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